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Table 4 Proposed strengthening measures for the domain data collection and processing

From: Routine health information system in the health facilities in Yaoundé–Cameroon: assessing the gaps for strengthening

Subdomains Proposed strengthening measures
Collection and Management of Individual Client Data Gradually and steadily introduce patient electronic files into DHIS 2 to standardise the collection of individual client data across all implementing partners
Train district staffs in the use of DHIS 2, and ensure that the district staff trains their respective staff
Put suitable video training tutorials at the disposal of HFs
Produce and disseminate data management guidelines according to DHIS 2 indicators
Collection, Management and Reporting of Aggregated Facility Data Harmonise data compilation among implementing partners
Ensure regular follow-up of reporting of activities to improve on completeness and timeliness
Train staff on the techniques of physical and electronic records archiving
Develop a plan to update, produce and distribute data management tools (registers, compilation forms and DHIS 2)
Collect data from personal computers of staffs and store them according to national data storage policies
Data quality assurance Develop and disseminate a standardised data quality assurance plan to all actors
Enforce the implementation of data quality norms, especially at the HF level
Ensure that findings from data quality assessments are published
Hold regular data quality validation and review meetings with all stakeholders before forwarding the data
Introduce data quality checks into DHIS2 at all levels
Information and communication technology Update ICT framework and define needs of HFs at all the levels
Improve on the stability and simplicity of the android version of DHIS 2 for remote areas
Ensure better internet and electricity coverage to remote areas to facilitate aggregated facility data reporting