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Table 3 Proposed data and decision support needs strengthening interventions

From: Routine health information system in the health facilities in Yaoundé–Cameroon: assessing the gaps for strengthening

Subdomains Proposed strengthening measures
Data needs Develop a regional data dictionary aligning with international standards
Standardise data on mortality to be collected by all HFs
Introduce the use of the international certificate of cause of death by all facilities to collect data on causes of death
Train health professionals on the use of the international certificate of cause of death
Introduce coding of cause of death (DHIS 2 start-up mortality list) into DHIS 2, and train staff on the coding of cause of death
Introduce the use of verbal autopsy (VA) to investigate community deaths of unknown causes
Train targeted HF and community staff to conduct VA
Put in place review committees to analyse the cases of deaths of unknown causes
Sign contracts with community workers and compensate them accordingly
Enforce the sensitisation of stakeholders on the surveillance of epidemic prone diseases
Equip the national laboratory to confirm the diagnosis of detected cases at the regional level
Data standards Widely disseminate community-based information guideline to all HFs and community agents
Intensify efforts to harmonise indicators between partners
Integrate all national classifications and data collection forms into DHIS 2
Ensure participation of all stakeholders (end users inclusive) in the evaluation and update of the HF and community HIS
Enforce regular monthly meetings between stakeholders to discuss ways to render routine data more relevant