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Table 4 Top 10 patterns with the highest average contribution rates (AVG-CR) to mortality

From: An interpretable risk prediction model for healthcare with pattern attention

Very low respiratory rate Very high temperature 10.1
Very low respiratory rate High SysBP 9.5
High temperature High SysBP 8.7
Very low temperature Very low MeanBP 8.3
Low temperature High MeanBP 6.8
Very high SysBP Low SPO2 6.5
Very high SysBP Very low DiasBP 5.9
Very high respiratory rate Very high heart rate 5.3
High DiasBP Very high MeanBP 5.2
Very high SysBP High heart rate 5.0
  1. Note SysBP, DiasBP and MeanBP denote systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and mean blood pressure respectively