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Table 1 SpO2 statistical features

From: Development of a support vector machine learning and smart phone Internet of Things-based architecture for real-time sleep apnea diagnosis

Feature Name Description
Smax Maximum SpO2 in 1 min
Smin Minimum SpO2 in 1 min
Smean Average SpO2 in 1 min
Svari SpO2 Variance in 1 min
CorreC Correlation coefficient of 1 min SpO2 sample data
ZCount The count of the number of zero crossing points within a segment where Smean is the baseline
SpSlope Slope of the regression line in 1 min
AbSlope Absolute slope
Bias Bias of the regression line of SpO2 in 1 min
Dmean Delta index: 1 min average of the absolute differences between two successive mean values of SpO2 signal over 12 s intervals