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Table 2 Part of process models for stroke diagnosis and treatment

From: Modeling clinical activities based on multi-perspective declarative process mining with openEHR’s characteristic

No Rule description Constraint C Data constraints
1 CT and blood glucose should be tested before IV thrombolysis  < precedence, CT examination, thrombolysis, > and < precedence, blood glucose test, thrombolysis, >   
2 The door-to-needle time (DNT) should be within 60 min  < precedence, admit, thrombolysis, ψ(1,1) >  ψ(1,1) = [complete time, complete time,60, <]
3 BP need to be kept less than 180/100 mm Hg  < precedence, vital_signs test, antipyretic, ψ(3,) >  ψ(3,) = [systolic pressure, 180, <]&[diastolic pressure, 100, <]
4 For patients who have received a treatment dose of low-molecular-weight heparin within 24 the previous hours, IV alteplase should not be carried out  < Not coexistence, heparin injection, thrombolysis, > or < precedence, heparin injection, thrombolysis, ψ(1,1)>  ψ(1,1) = [complete time, start time, 24*60, >]
5 For dispensing drugs, at least two nurses should execute a double check  <existence, dispensing drugs, ψ(6,6)>  ψ(6,6) = [executor, proofreader, ! =]