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Table 1 The top 50 predicted miRNAs associated with esophageal cancer

From: MiRNA-disease association prediction via hypergraph learning based on high-dimensionality features

miRNA Evidence miRNA Evidence
hsa-mir-221 dbDEMC hsa-mir-9 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-125b dbDEMC hsa-mir-24 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-29a dbDEMC hsa-mir-132 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-206 dbDEMC hsa-mir-224 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-17 dbDEMC hsa-mir-23a dbDEMC
hsa-mir-16 dbDEMC hsa-let-7d dbDEMC
hsa-mir-29b dbDEMC hsa-mir-195 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-222 dbDEMC hsa-mir-335 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-1 dbDEMC hsa-mir-124 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-146b dbDEMC hsa-mir-93 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-182 dbDEMC hsa-mir-106a dbDEMC
hsa-mir-122 Unconfirmed hsa-mir-140 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-181a dbDEMC hsa-mir-30a dbDEMC
hsa-mir-18a dbDEMC hsa-mir-184 Unconfirmed
hsa-mir-106b dbDEMC hsa-mir-429 dbDEMC
hsa-let-7e dbDEMC hsa-let-7i dbDEMC
hsa-mir-200b dbDEMC hsa-let-7f Unconfirmed
hsa-mir-20b dbDEMC hsa-mir-134 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-19b dbDEMC hsa-mir-27b dbDEMC
hsa-mir-133b dbDEMC hsa-mir-23b dbDEMC
hsa-let-7 g dbDEMC hsa-mir-152 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-181b dbDEMC hsa-mir-96 dbDEMC
hsa-mir-15b dbDEMC hsa-mir-193b dbDEMC
hsa-mir-103a Unconfirmed hsa-mir-138 Unconfirmed
hsa-mir-142 dbDEMC hsa-mir-125a dbDEMC
  1. The first column records top 1–25 related miRNAs. The third column records the top 26–50 related miRNAs