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Table 4 Overview of the feature space inputs to XGBOOST

From: Categorisation of EEG suppression using enhanced feature extraction for SUDEP risk assessment

Feature name Number of columns in feature space
Power Spectral Intensity 10 channels \(\times\) 8 scalars
Petrosian Fractal Dimension 10 channels \(\times\) 1 scalar
Higuchi Fractal Dimension 10 channels \(\times\) 1 scalars
Hjorth Mobility and Complexity 10 channels \(\times\) 2 scalar
SVD Entropy 10 channels \(\times\) 2 scalar
Spectral Entropy 10 channels \(\times\) 1 scalar
Fisher Information 10 channels \(\times\) 1 scalar
Detrended Fluctuation Analysis 10 channels \(\times\) 1 scalar
Hurst Exponent 10 channels \(\times\) 1 scalar
Total 180 features