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Table 2 Cluster description by functional and symbolic aspects of usage (N = 761)

From: The multi-faceted usage patterns of nutrition apps: a survey on the appropriation of nutrition apps among German-speaking users of MyFitnessPal

  The Health-conscious
(n = 221)
The Supported
(n = 190)
The Socializer
(n = 103)
The Indifferent
(n = 222)
Functional aspects      
I’m using nutrition apps for diversion 1.41a 1.20b 2.11c 1.54a 30.1***
I’m using nutrition apps when there’s nothing else to do 1.52a 1.19b 1.94c 1.76c 20.0***
I’m using nutrition apps when I’m bored 1.64a 1.26b 1.96c 1.70a 14.9***
I’m using nutrition apps to be able to access nutritional information at any time 4.75a 4.28b 4.45b 3.62c 62.1***
I’m using nutrition apps to lead a healthy life 4.81a 4.49b 4.57b 4.21c 25.4***
I’m using nutrition apps to keep track of my nutritional status 4.94a 4.79b 4.72b 4.40c 31.3***
I’m using nutrition apps to exchange views with like-minded people 1.26a 1.42b 3.44c 1.18a 279.2***
I’m using nutrition apps to get support from others pursuing the same goal as me 1.30a 1.53b 3.83c 1.28a 338.3***
I’m using nutrition apps to compete with other users of the app 1.14a 1.15a 2.20b 1.07a 114.5***
Symbolic aspects      
My nutrition apps are a good fit for me 4.68a 4.08b 4.43c 3.34d 112.5***
I like using my nutrition apps 4.84a 4.62b 4.68b 3.99c 75.9***
I’m using cutting-edge nutrition apps 4.01a 2.92b 3.59c 2.21d 120.1***
I can access my nutrition apps at any time 4.85a 4.59b 4.71ab 3.99c 61.4***
Sometimes I tend to brag with my usage of cutting-edge nutrition apps 1.43a 1.32a 1.89b 1.10c 25.2***
The people close to me support my usage of nutrition apps 2.56a 3.69b 3.20c 1.91d 103.2***
Who I am is also reflected in the way I use nutrition apps 2.48a 1.20b 2.93c 1.40b 106.9***
  1. Values measured on a 5-point Likert-type scale from 1 ‘strongly disagree’ to 5 ‘strongly agree’; ***p < 0.001, means marked by different characters differ significantly; all items were measured in German language