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Table 1 The role definition of concept “Sarcoma” (C9118) in NCI Thesaurus

From: Detecting missing IS-A relations in the NCI Thesaurus using an enhanced hybrid approach

Role Value
IS-A Connective and soft tissue neoplasm
IS-A Malignant neoplasm
Disease_Has_Abnormal_Cell Malignant cell
Disease_Has_Abnormal_Cell Neoplastic cell
Disease_Excludes_Normal_Cell_Origin Epithelial cell
Disease_Excludes_Normal_Tissue_Origin Epithelial tissue
Disease_Has_Associated_Anatomic_Site Connective and soft tissue
Disease_Has_Normal_Tissue_Origin Connective and soft tissue
Disease_Excludes_Finding Benign cellular infiltrate
Disease_Excludes_Finding Indolent clinical course
Disease_Excludes_Finding Intermediate filaments present
Disease_Excludes_Finding Intracytoplasmic eosinophilic inclusion
Disease_Has_Finding Malignant cellular infiltrate