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Table 4 Examples of problems found with some clarifications

From: Evaluation of lexical clarification by patients reading their clinical notes: a quasi-experimental interview study

Problem with clarification Example term Clarification provided to example
Unnecessary Belly Belly
Part of the trunk between the midriff and the pelvis
Too difficult Intoxication Poisoning
Distortion of the life functions by a too high concentration of a certain substance in the body
Circular Neurologists Neurologists
Medical specialists who are specialized in neurology
Homonym (context was about plaque in blood vessels) Plaque Plaque
White, sticky substance on the teeth and molars in which may occur living and dead bacteria, released tissue cells and food scraps
Related term Peristaltic Digestive system
Process by which food taken in by the mouth can be made ready for absorption in the blood and the residual products are excreted and the food is then digested