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Table 2 Ratings of prioritized patient treatment goals (“Topics most important to you when you are choosing ways to manage or treat your chronic pain”)

From: Improving patient-provider communication about chronic pain: development and feasibility testing of a shared decision-making tool

# Goal Importance Rating
(Mean, SD)
Physical activity and stamina 9.71 0.48
 To be able to do more with less pain 9.79 0.41
 To have more energy and stamina and less fatigue 9.79 0.56
 To pace myself, set reasonable expectations, listen to my body, and know my limitations 9.71 0.45
 To be more physically fit (strength and flexibility) within my limitations 9.57 0.49
You and Your Providers 9.62 0.50
 To have providers who understand my pain and limitations 10.00 0.00
 To have a team of providers who work together to help me 9.71 0.59
 To be able to explain better to my providers how I feel 9.14 0.91
Pain Management 9.45 0.62
 To reach a point where pain does not control my day 9.79 0.41
 To manage pain at a reasonable level 9.50 0.50
 To learn more about chronic pain or my condition and how to deal with it better 9.29 0.80
 To learn strategies to help me ease my pain 9.21 0.77
 To be able to tolerate things like light, odor, noise 8.21 1.15
 To reduce pain at night [allowing me to sleep better] 9.07 1.03
Costs 9.29 0.80
 To find a treatment [or medical equipment I can afford] 9.29 0.80
 To find an alternative treatment I can afford   
Living a more independent and satisfying life 9.23 0.80
 To travel or commute with more comfort 9.36 0.61
 To be able to sit comfortably 9.36 0.81
 To be able to live independently in my home 9.21 1.01
 To be able to do more household chores 9.00 0.76
 To help others 9.57 0.49
 To lead a fuller life 9.57 0.62
 To be able to work 8.43 1.05
Better memory, thinking, and focus 9.07 0.88
 To improve or maintain clear thinking 9.07 0.88
 To retain and recall information   
 To be better able to focus   
Managing depression and emotions 8.91 0.91
 To be less irritable and able to deal better with stress 9.29 0.80
 To be able to look forward to the future instead of being focused on my pain 9.21 1.01
 To develop better ways to deal with depression 9.00 1.00
 To be able to control anger and aggressive thoughts 8.57 0.90
 To reduce my fear of being in pain 8.50 0.82
Friends, family, and intimacy 8.88 1.08
 To maintain relationships with family and friends 9.07 0.96
 To be able to socialize and reduce isolation 8.86 0.99
 To improve or maintain sexual relations 8.71 1.28
Minimal and natural treatments 8.77 0.76
 To avoid side-effects that cause more problems 9.57 0.49
 To avoid surgery 9.29 0.80
 To be able to handle pain using natural and/or alternative treatments 9.14 0.64
Medication management 8.52 1.12
 To minimize or eliminate my pain medications 8.71 1.10
 To maintain current level of pain medications 8.29 1.03
 To have enough medication to adequately treat my pain 8.57 1.24
 To become pain-free regardless of side effects 7.07 1.10