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Table 5 Entities for Scenario 2

From: A realism-based approach to an ontological representation of symbiotic interactions

IUI Entity Temporal region Type
IUI-4 Mr. Joaquin, the initial infected human t4 human being
IUI-5 The particular A. Gambiae mosquito that bites Mr. Joaqin and Mrs. Chang t5 Anopheles gambiae
IUI-6 Aggregate of P. vivax parasites that were transmitted from Mr. Joaquin to the A. Gambiae mosquito denoted by IUI-8 t6 object aggregate
IUI-7 Mrs. Chang, who was uninfected prior to coming in contact with the mosquito denoted by IUI-8 t7 human being
IUI-8 Aggregate of P. vivax sporozoites that developed in the mosquito denoted by IUI-8 and that infected Mrs. Chang t8 object aggregate
IUI-9 Obligatory endoparasitic interaction between IUI-6 and IUI-4 t9 obligatory endoparasitism
IUI-10 Obligatory endocommensal interaction between IUI-6 and IUI-5 t10 obligatory endocommensalism
IUI-11 Obligatory endoparasitic interaction between IUI-8 and IUI-7 t11 obligatory endoparasitism
IUI-12 Obligatory endocommensal interaction between IUI-8 and IUI-5 t12 obligatory endocommensalism