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Table 3 Variables and score assignment in SAPS II

From: Using machine learning methods to predict in-hospital mortality of sepsis patients in the ICU

Variables Maximum scores
Acute physiology Temperature 3
Heart rate 11
Systolic blood pressure 13
WBC 12
Bilirubin 9
Serum sodium 5
Serum potassium 3
Serum bicarbonate 6
BUN 10
Urine output 11
PaO2aor FiO2a 11
GCS 26
Chronic health status AIDSa 17
Haematologic malignancy 10
Metastatic cancer 9
Other Age 18
Type of admission 8
Overall score   182
  1. aAbbreviations: AIDS Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, PaO2 Partial pressure of oxygen, FiO2 Fraction of inspired oxygen