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Table 12 Comparison of results with other MS studies; indicates that MS samples have statistically significant increase in predictive metabolic function and indicates that MS samples have statistically significant decrease in predictive metabolic function; green color indicates agreement of our results and other MS studies; we did not have an MS study to compare with our results in black color

From: Using data science for medical decision making case: role of gut microbiome in multiple sclerosis

Level Predictive metabolic function This study [25]
2nd Signalling molecules and interactions  
2nd Energy metabolic functions  
2nd Excretory system functions green
2nd Signal transduction mechanisms  
2nd Replication and repair functions  
2nd Amino acid metabolism green
2nd lipid metabolism  
2nd Inorganic ion transport and metabolism  
2nd Unknown functions  
3rd Chromosome functions  
3rd Peptidases functions  
3rd Homologous recombination functions green
3rd DNA replication  
3rd Peroxisome and cyan amino acid metabolism  
3rd Vitamin B6 metabolism green
3rd β-alaine metabolism  
3rd Inorganic ion transport and metabolism  
3rd Mismatch repair functions  
3rd Galactose metabolism  
3rd Steroid hormone biosynthesis green
3rd Tuberculosis functions  
3rd Bacterial secretion system  
3rd Influenza A  
3rd Valine, leucine and isoleucine biosynthesis  
3rd Hepatitis C  
3rd Cell motility and secretion