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Table 11 Comparison of results of this study with other MS studies; indicates that MS samples have statistically significant increase in abundance of a bacteria and indicates that MS samples have statistically significant decrease in abundance of a bacteria (* indicates that results are not statistically significant); green color indicates agreement of our results and other MS studies; orange color indicated disagreement of our results and previous MS studies; when our results are in black color, we did not have an MS study to compare those results with

From: Using data science for medical decision making case: role of gut microbiome in multiple sclerosis

Level Bacterium This study [19] [22] [18] [20] [21] [23] [24]
Phylum Euryarchaeota green       
Phylum Bacteroidetes        
Phylum Verrucomicrobia green        
Phylum Tenericutes        
Phylum Firmicutes         
Phylum Actinobacteria        
Phylum Proteobacteria        
Phylum Fusobacteria         
Family Methanobacteriaceae        
Family Verrucomicrobiaceae        
Family uncultured (Costridium)        
Family Barnesiellaceae        
Family Paraprevotellaceae        
Family Uncultured (RF39)        
Family Lachnospiraceae         
Family Bacteroidaceae         
Genus Methanobrevibacter green        
Genus Desulfovibrio green        
Genus Anaerofustis        
Genus Akkermansia green       
Genus Butyricimonas green        
Genus Uncultured (Ruminococcaceae) green        
Genus Uncultured (RF39)        
Genus Ruminococcus green        
Genus Bifidobacterium green       
Genus Faecalibacterium green       
Genus Prevotella green       
Genus Streptococcus orange       
Genus Acinetobacter         
Genus Parabacteroides         
Genus Bilophila         
Genus Christensenellaceae         
Genus Bacteroides         
Genus Anaerostipes         
Genus Pseudomonas         
Genus Mycoplana         
Genus Haemophilus         
Genus Dorea         
Species Methanobrevibacter smithii green        
Species Akkermansia muciniphila green        
Species Butyricimonas virosa green