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Table 2 CBMs selection and their mapping work

From: Leveraging hybrid biomarkers in clinical endpoint prediction

Covariates Type Range Conversion
Gender Nominal {Male, Female} (0,1)
Age Real (42–87) NA*
Weights (lbs) Real (80–318) NA
Smoking years Real (0–41) NA
Histology Nominal {Squamous, Non-Squamous} (0,1)
T Categorical [1–4] Number of patients in a stage divided by total number of patients (e.g., 16 patients categorized as T1; those patients were given 0.235 (16/68) value).
N Categorical [0,1,2,3]
M Categorical [0,1]
Tumor size (mm) Real (11.7–73.9) NA
  1. *NA means no conversion work is needed