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Table 2 Interview guide applicable to the critical incident technique

From: Healthcare managers’ experiences of technostress and the actions they take to handle it – a critical incident analysis

Background question:
Please describe in what way you are working with ICT systems in your daily work
Main questions:
Please tell me about different incidents and examples of when the work with ICT systems has been demanding, problematic or frustrating in some way
Thinking about each incident or situation separately, tell me more about how you handled them
Potential follow-up questions:
Where did the critical incident happen?
Can you give a detailed description of what happened?
Why was the incident critical for you?
What did you do in connection with the incident?
What was your mindset during the incident?
What were your thoughts during and after the incident?
What were your feelings during and after the incident?
What did you find was the most demanding aspect of the incident?
What has this incident meant to you since?