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Table 4 Themes and sub-themes

From: A mixed methods systematic review of the effects of patient online self-diagnosing in the ‘smart-phone society’ on the healthcare professional-patient relationship and medical authority

Theme 1: Patient perspectives on using the internet to seek health information
 Subtheme 1: Reasons for using the internet Why patients/public use the internet for healthcare advice.
 Subtheme 2: Reasons against using the internet Why patients/public are against using the internet for healthcare advice.
 Subtheme 3: The prepared patient Why patients/public felt the importance of being prepared for consultations and more informed of their health.
Theme 2: Healthcare professionals’ perspectives on and reactions to internet-informed patients
 Subtheme 1: HCP’s perceptions for and against people using the internet for online health information HCP’s reasons for and against patient/public use of the internet for health information.
 Subtheme 2: HCP’s reactions and behaviours to internet-informed patients The importance of reactions and behaviours from HCP’s when faced with internet-informed patients.
Theme 3: Sharing online health information with healthcare professionals
 Subtheme 1: Communication Enabling better communication within the consultation.
 Subtheme 2: Bringing online health information to the consultation The decision of whether patients/public would disclose or not disclose their online health information research to their HCP’s.
Theme 4: Impact of online medical searches and diagnosis on patient-healthcare professional relationships
 Subtheme 1: Trust Patient/public’s trust in the internet and HCP’s.
 Subtheme 2: Role changing Change in the HCP-patient roles.
 Subtheme 3: The patient-HCP relationship How has online self-diagnosis affecting the patient-HCP relationship.