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Table 3 Intention to use EMRs among healthcare providers at three referral hospitals in northwest Ethiopia

From: Intention to use electronic medical record and its predictors among health care providers at referral hospitals, north-West Ethiopia, 2019: using unified theory of acceptance and use technology 2(UTAUT2) model

Items Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree
I intend to use the EMRs system in the future 10(2.4%) 101(24.0%) 96(22.9%) 165(39.3%) 48(11.4%)
I predict I will use the EMRs system in the future 6(1.4%) 90(21.4%) 123(29.3%) 159(37.9%) 42(10.0%)
I plan to use the EMR system in the future 5(1.2%) 92(21.9%) 108(25.7%) 159(37.9%) 56(13.3%)