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Table 1 Illustration of case abstraction method. The first column is findings from a case of Parkinson disease in Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases [47] and is reproduced with the permission of the author. The second column is the abstractor’s interpretation of the finding, and the third column is the UMLS CUI [24]

From: Evaluation of standard and semantically-augmented distance metrics for neurology patients

Original Finding Interpretation CUI
“micrographia” micrographia C0240341
“mask-like decreased facial expression” mask-like facies C0424448
“asymmetrical bradykinesia” bradykinesia C0233565
“cogwheel rigidity” cogwheel rigidity C0151564
“en bloc turning” difficulty turning body C0555095
“Exhibited retropulsion of two steps when pulled gently backward” retropulsion C0277845
“no extinction of the glabellar reflex (Myerson sign)” Myerson sign C4293666
“4 Hz tremor of the head and all extremities, worse at rest” resting tremor C0234379
“Slow, stiff gait with stooped posture, short steps, decreased arm swing” decreased arm swing C2938985
stooped posture C4476759
slow gait C1851908
marche a petit pas C0427169