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Table 3 B2C online pharmacy review factors discovered by LDA

From: Consumers’ satisfaction factors mining and sentiment analysis of B2C online pharmacy reviews

Factors Keywords Interpretation
Factor 1 logistics, packing, professional, attentively, dry glue, drug name, pharmaceutical factory, arrival of goods, paste, protect, standard, send it over Professional Logistics Packing (PLP)
Factor 2 genuine, brand, no problem, trust, have faith in, next time, purchase, quality of drugs, guarantee, needs, drug, verify Trustworthy Drug Quality (TDQ)
Factor 3 inside, box, packing, intact, no damage, logistics, awesome, nice, buy medicine, liquid, bubble wrap, protect Complete Packing in Logistics (CPL)
Factor 4 expensive, price, more than, Pharmacy, physical store, elsewhere, dosage, spend, offline, hospital, extra money, profit Expensive (E)
Factor 5 favorable, price, drug, website, save, registration fee, chronic, bring benefit to, cheap, Pharmacy, many times, bottom price Affordable (A)
Factor 6 dispatch, too slow, speed, too long, wait, unable, receive, drug, bad, for several days, recover, inquire Slow Dispatch Speed (SDS)
Factor 7 customer service, pass the buck, service, manner, busy, disappointed, solve, problem, adjudicate, irrelevance, unacceptably, cannot understand Customer service Did Not Solve The Problem (DSP)
Factor 8 slow, logistics, transport, wait, not satisfied with, unable, today, receive, delay, time, for several days, discover Slow Transport Speed (STS)
Factor 9 fast, speed, logistics, shopping, experience, awesome, pleased, platform, satisfied, receive, today, good Satisfactory Logistics Speed (SLS)
Factor 10 discount, drug, promotion, satisfactory, high performance-price ratio, awesome, cheap, price, gifts, favorable, bottom price, benefit Satisfactory Promotion (SP)
Factor 11 take effect, awesome, genuine, confirm, much better, symptom, alleviate, well, Pharmacy, same, dose, satisfied Satisfactory Drug Effects (SDE)
Factor 12 customer service, quickly, answer, awesome, place an order, response, serious, in time, drug, consumer, at once, inquire Quick Response of Customer service (QR)