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Table 1 Characteristics of secondary TB cases

From: An e-registry for household contacts exposed to multidrug resistant TB in Mongolia

# Age, gender and exposure Intensity Symptoms Chest X-ray TST Diagnosis
1 23 F, shares a bed Cough, fever, chest pain, dyspnoea, fatigue Abnormal N/A Sm + MDR (Gene Xpert)
4 5 M, household Cough Abnormal Positive MDR
Discordant DST
11 6 F, shares a bed Nil Abnormal Positive MDR
Identical DST
15 21 M, shares bedroom Nil Abnormal N/A Sm + MDR
Identical DST
16 14 M, shares bedroom Weight loss Abnormal Positive Sm- MDR (Gene Xpert)
37 3 F, shares a bed Cough, fever, weight loss, sweats, chest pain, fatigue Abnormal N/A Sm + MDR
Identical DST
67 46 M, household Cough, fever, chest pain Normal N/A Sm- DS-TB
  1. #: Number, DSTB Drug susceptible tuberculosis, DST Drug susceptibility testing, F Female, M Male, MDR Multidrug resistant, N/A Not applicable, Sm+: Sputum smear positive, Sm-: Sputum smear negative