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Table 5 Summary of related work

From: Ada-WHIPS: explaining AdaBoost classification with applications in the health sciences

Author(s) Date Medical Model XAI
   Condition(s)   Mechanism
Lamy et al. [47] 2019 Breast Cancer WkNN and MDS CBR
Kwon et al. [48] 2018 General health RNN t-SNE and
     Visual Analytics
Adnan and Islam [31] 2017 Heart disease, Tree ensembles Logical Rules
Jalali and Pfeifer [8] 2016 Cancer L1-SVM Feature
   biomarkers ensemble importance
Turgeman and May [12] 2016 Hospital C5.0 Tree and SVM Logical Rule
   readmission ensemble  
Jovanovic et al. [11] 2016 Hospital Tree Lasso Regression
   readmission   Coefficients
Letham et al. [13] 2015 Stroke BRL Bayesian Rules
Caruana et al. [6] 2015 Pneumonia risk GA2M PI plots
Kästner et al. [49] 2012 Breast cancer Neural Gas Fuzzy Rules