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Table 1 Sample creative co-production workshops

From: Using creative co-design to develop a decision support tool for people with malignant pleural effusion

Local distributed workshops
Site 1 Local facilitator (Consultant physician × 3)
5 x Patients
2 x Carers
Pleural physician
Clinical nurse specialist
Site 2 Local facilitator (Physician Registrar)
5 x Patients
3 x Carers
Consultant physician
Clinical nurse specialist
Clinical research nurse
Site 3 Local facilitator (Physician Registrar)
5 x Patients
4 x Carers
Senior research nurse
Student nurse
National workshops
TK2A team 2 x Facilitators (design researcher and clinical researcher)
Clinical staff 2 x Consultants
3 x Registrars
3 x Nurses
Patients and carers 2 x Patients