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Table 2 Eligibility criteria

From: Improving shared decision-making in vascular surgery by implementing decision support tools: study protocol for the stepped-wedge cluster-randomised OVIDIUS trial

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Age ≥ 18 years Patients requiring emergency surgery
>  1 feasible treatment options Life expectancy less than 1 year
(Newly) diagnosed with an asymptomatic AAA that has grown to ≥5 cm in women or ≥ 5.5 cm in men ASA-IV patients
Newly diagnosed with symptomatic CAD with a > 70% stenosis within 6 months since the onset of symptoms, or > 50% in men diagnosed within 12 weeks since the onset of symptoms [16] Insufficient understanding of the Dutch language
(Newly) diagnosed with invalidating IC (Fontaine II) Considering treatment for VV Cognitively unable to complete Dutch questionnaires
Willing to sign an informed consent form