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Table 2 Initial evaluation index system of teleconsultation service quality

From: Research on Teleconsultation service quality based on multi-granularity linguistic information: the perspective of regional doctors

Dimensions Operational definition Sub-indicators Reference sources
Network quality Network speed and efficiency, reflecting service smoothness and user experience Network Service Provider [35, 36]
Network Rate [36]
System quality Mobile platform performance and teleconsultation process quality Video Resolution [37]
Equipment Quality [38]
Process Convenience CIP [37, 39],
Operational Ease of Use CIP [37, 39],
Structure quality Resource allocation and management of teleconsultation service Doctor-Patient Ratio CHQIS [32],
Consultation Visitors CHQIS [32],
Turnover Rates of Consulting Room CHQIS [32],
Charges [35, 37]
Interaction quality The quality of interactions between regional doctors and experts, and between regional doctors and the platform Purpose of Application Teleconsultation feature
Appointment Channel Teleconsultation feature
Waiting Time [32, 38]
Regional Hospital Level [40]
Data Integrity Teleconsultation feature
Regional Doctor Level [33, 41]
Expert Level [39, 41]
Operators’ Attitude [35, 39, 41]
Experts’ Attitude [35, 39, 41]
Consultation Duration [42]
Outcome quality The service effect actually perceived by the applicant Information Usefulness [39]
Diagnostic Coincidence Rate CIP [34, 38],
Treatment Effect CIP [34, 39],
Re-Consultation Rate [1]