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Table 2 characteristics of family members (participants) and the patients

From: The considerations, experiences and support needs of family members making treatment decisions for patients admitted with major stroke: a qualitative study

Characteristics of family members (participants) n = 24
 Mean age in years (range) 62 (32–75)
 Gender 8 male, 16 female
 Relationship to the patient 3 partners, 19 children, 2 others (cousin, sister)
 Ethnicity All British white
 Occupation 13 retired from work, 11 still working
Characteristics of patients (n = 24)
 Mean age in years (range) 85 (55–101)
 Gender 7 male, 17 female
 Occupation 22 retired, 2 working
 Functional status prior to the stroke 11 independent, 13 required care (either a package of care at home or in a care home)
 First stroke 23
 Had community do not resuscitate order (DNAR) 7
 Had pre-existing major comorbidities including dementia, heart failure and renal failure 11