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Table 5 Example sentences that the models paid the most attention to for each disease category. These are the sentences with the highest attention weight for the top three most confidently predicted documents as determined by the prediction probability score. These results are from the HEA BioBERT model.

From: AutoDiscern: rating the quality of online health information with hierarchical encoder attention-based neural networks

Question 4: Sources
Breast CancerArthritisDepression
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Question 5: Date
Breast CancerArthritisDepression
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Question 9: How Treatment Works
Breast CancerArthritisDepression
During this surgery, the surgeon removes the axillary lymph nodes as well as the chest wall muscle in addition to the breast.In this surgery, the healthcare provider actually removes the inflamed synovial tissue.The basis of this therapy is that behaviours such as inactivity and ruminating on certain thoughts can be key factors in maintaining depression.
Radiation therapy is typically done using a large machine that aims the energy beams at your body (external beam radiation).One part of such therapy involves working with a physical therapist to perform dedicated exercises for muscle strengthening, increasing rangeGentler martial arts which focus on internal control, breathing and mental discipline can be especially useful for combating depressed thinking and improving relaxation skills.
Three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy (3D-CRT): As part of this treatment, special computers create detailed three-dimensional picturesHydrotherapy differs from swimming because it involves special exercises that you do in a warm-water pool.Psychoanalytic therapists rely on suggestion, hypnosis, and reeducation to reform self-esteem, and helps the person construct coping strategies to deal with grief, sadness, disappointment, achievement, and pleasure.
Question 10: Treatment Benefits
Breast CancerArthritisDepression
Treating early breast cancer.Getting Established on DMARD Therapy.Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression.
Targeted therapy for breast cancer.Medications will not JIA; rather they can help to symptoms and keep disease activity under.The mindfulness approach uses meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises to focus awareness on the present moment and break negative thinking
Adjuvant and Neoadjuvant Therapy for Breast Cancer.Treatment for Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.CBT is based on two specific tasks: cognitive restructuring, in which the therapist and patient work together to change thinking patterns, 192 and behavioral activation – in which patients learn to overcome obstacles to participating in enjoyable activities.
Question 11: Treatment Risks
Breast CancerArthritisDepression
The side effects vary depending on which biological therapy drug you have.Risks: Always talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking NSAIDs as they may cause serious side effects compared to paracetamol.Side Effects of ECT.
Side effects.Risks: Always talk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking NSAIDs as they may cause serious side effects compared to paracetamol.Common side effects of SSRIs include:.
Are there side effects or risks from hormone therapy?Common side effects include a rise in blood pressure, increased hair growth, increased swelling of the gums and an increased risk of developing an infection.What Are the Risks?