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Table 3 Summary of the apps

From: Can mobile health apps replace GPs? A scoping review of comparisons between mobile apps and GP tasks

No.AppSourceObjective of the appFunction of the app
Data gathering and interpretation
Task: Apply a structured approach to data gathering and investigation
 1AdaManual searchThe app provides a personalised interactive chat to find possible explanations for illnesses.The app can interview patients by using a series of questions, including those addressing the chief complaints and associated symptoms.
 2BabylonManual searchThe app uses AI to analyse health problems and provide health advice.The app collects patients’ information through a series of interactive questions.
 3HistorianApple App StoreThe app enables patients to enter a comprehensive psychiatric history and generate a detailed self-report of their mental state.The app enables patients to evaluate their own mental health.
 4Medical history builderGoogle Play StoreThe app guides users in compiling their medical history in a systematic manner before seeing a doctor.The app eliminates the need for a doctor to obtain a medical history from patients.
Data gathering and interpretation
Task: Interpret findings accurately to reach a diagnosis
 5AdaGoogle Play StoreSee no.1The app produces a list of provisional and differential diagnoses based on the information collected by AI.
 6BabylonManual searchSee no.2The app enables the identification of possible causes of the symptoms entered by the user.
 7Doctor Diagnose Symptoms CheckGoogle Play StoreThe app intends to inform and make patients more aware of their conditions.The app can assist with symptom analysis and diagnosis.
 8GBDiagnosis Medical AppGoogle Play StoreThe app identifies a suspected diagnosis based on the interaction and responses of users.The app offers a simulated conversation between doctor and patient to collect symptoms and individual information to make a diagnosis.
 9My diagnosticGoogle Play StoreThe app aims to identify diseases in a database based on the symptoms entered by users.The app requires user information regarding their symptoms to make a diagnosis.
 10Rapid diagnosis- mental healthApple App StoreThe app is designed to assist with the diagnosis of mental, emotional, or psychological conditions that can be differentiated based on symptoms.The app is used as a symptom checker, and a probable diagnosis can be established.
 11Rapid diagnosis- STDApple App StoreThe app is designed to assist with the diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases.The app is used as a symptom checker, and allows a probable diagnosis to be established.
 12Self DiagnosisGoogle Play StoreThe app enables the user to identify their conditionThe app can make a diagnosis based on the responses of the user.
 13Symptomate – Symptom checkerGoogle Play StoreThe app provides an evaluation of users’ health.The app indicates possible causes of symptoms, treatment options, and suggested lab tests.
 14WebMDGoogle Play StoreThe app offers doctor-reviewed health information and interactive tools.The app includes the function ‘Symptom Checker’ and provides a list of possible diagnoses based on a major symptom and a brief set of general questions (current medications and current and past illnesses).
Clinical examinations and procedures
Task: Demonstrate a proficient approach to clinical examination
 15Runtastic Heart RateManual searchThe app is used for checking heart rate anytime and anywhere.The app measures heart rate by tapping a finger on the smart phone camera.
 16SkinVisionManual searchThe app checks the skin for signs of skin cancer.The app uses the phone camera to capture an image of a skin lesion and evaluate the user’s risk of skin cancer.
Making decisions
Task: Adopt appropriate decision-making principles
 17Gout Decision AidManual searchThe app provides information and education to patients with gout.The app can function as a patient decision aid and a tool to help the user becomes involved in decision making.
Clinical management
Task: Adopt a structured approach to clinical management
 18Rapid diagnosis- mental healthManual searchSee no.10The app offers information on patient management related to the diagnosis of mental illnesses.
 19Rapid diagnosis- STDManual searchSee no.11The app offers information on patient management related to the diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases.
Clinical management
Task: Provide urgent care when needed
 20Google AssistantManual searchThe app provides AI to assist users in utilising phone functions and searching for information on the internet.The app can provide information on urgent and emergency conditions and can navigate users to the nearest hospital.
 21SiriManual searchThe app runs on the iOS platform (Apple devices); its AI functions as a virtual assistant.The app can provide information on urgent and emergency conditions and can navigate users to the nearest hospital.
Managing medical complexity
Task: Enable people living with long-term conditions to improve their health
 22Asthma ManagerManual searchThe app is used to manage asthma.The app can help track symptoms and manage medications.
 23Blood Pressure CompanionManual searchThe app is designed for monitoring blood pressure.The app can record and analyse blood pressure as well as generate graphs, charts, and tables of the results.
 24mySugrManual searchThe app is a diabetes logbook for type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes mellitus.The app can record and analyse diabetes parameters as well as provide feedback.
 25forDiabetes: diabetes self-management appManual searchThe app is designed for managing diabetes.The app can track and monitor key diabetes data, including blood glucose level, HbA1c, blood pressure, and medications.
 26Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker by MedisafeManual searchThe app is used as a medication reminder and enables medication tracking.The app reminds users to take medications and produces daily and monthly medication progress reports.
Managing medical complexity
Task: Manage concurrent health problems in an individual patient
 27Asthma ManagerManual searchSee no.22–26See no.22–26
 28Blood Pressure CompanionManual search
 29mySugrManual search
 30forDiabetes: diabetes self-management appManual search
 31Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker by MedisafeManual search
Practising holistically and promoting health
Task: Support people through individual experiences of health, illness and recovery
 32AppibuddyGoogle Play StoreThe app is a healthy lifestyle platform focusing on weight reduction.The app enables users to record health behaviours and provides a platform on which to share their activities and learn from other users.
 33BECCA - Breast Cancer SupportManual searchThe app aims to support and help users in living well after breast cancer.The app provides health tips, information and blogposts to support patients in moving forward after cancer treatment.
 34Food (lg)Google Play StoreThe app is a food journal and nutrition tracker and analyser.The app can analyse diet and calories by simply taking pictures of food.
 35HealthHub TrackGoogle Play StoreThe app aims to achieve personalised health goals through tools, action plans, and healthy lifestyle guides.The app can record health behaviours and provide personalised action plans based on the user’s goal.
 36HealthWatchApple App StoreThe app aims to provide practical tools to maintain and enhance health and quality of life and counteract stress-related illnesses.The app provides patient education and comprises a tool that records stress levels and provides feedback accordingly.
 37Healthy 365Google Play Store and Apple App StoreThe app promotes healthy lifestyles.The app enables users to keep track of daily steps and calculate the number of calories burned.
 38The circle of healthApple App StoreThe app aims to promote cardiovascular health.The app can assess and measure cardiovascular health and motivate users to maintain healthy habits.
  1. AI artificial intelligence
  2. HbA1c haemoglobin A1c