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Table 1 Organisation of the Kenyan Health system - adapted from Kenya Health Policy 2014–2030

From: Digital health Systems in Kenyan Public Hospitals: a mixed-methods survey

Current levels of careDesired Levels of careFacilitiesDescription
Level 1: CommunityLevel 1: CommunityThe village, households, families, individuals• Community-based health services
Level 2: Dispensaries and clinics
Level 3: Health centres
Level 2: Primary care facilitiesDispensaries, clinics and Health centres, maternity homes• Disease prevention and health promotion services
• Inpatient services for emergency clients awaiting referral, clients for observation, and normal delivery services
Level 4: Primary care hospitals
Level 5: Secondary care hospitals
Level 3: County hospitalsPrimary care hospitals
Secondary care hospitals
• Comprehensive inpatient diagnostic, medical, surgical and rehabilitative care, including reproductive health services
• Specialised outpatient services
• Hospitals managed by a county
Level 6: Tertiary care hospitalsLevel 4: National referral hospitalsTertiary care hospitals• Tertiary/highly specialised services, including high-level specialist medical care, reference laboratory support, blood transfusion services, and research
• have defined level of self-autonomy