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Table 4 Interview guide

From: Selection process for botulinum toxin injections in patients with chronic-stage hemiplegic stroke: a qualitative study

[Daily life after the onset and evaluation of symptoms]
 - Please tell me about your physical condition after experiencing stroke in terms of your daily life; e.g., how do you spend your day?
[Treatment and rehabilitation received in the past]
 - Please tell me in chronological order the types of treatments and rehabilitation approaches have you tried.
 - After discharge, many services, such as long-term care insurance, are available; what types of services are you currently using?
 - Please tell me about the adjustments you have made and how you have handled daily matters since returning home.
[The circumstances of your introduction to BT and the period afterwards]
 - How did you obtain information about BT? What were your thoughts about it afterwards?
 - What did your family say about the topic of BT?
 - Have you ever heard about someone who has been treated with BT?
 - What happened before you scheduled an appointment for a BT injection?
 - Did you collect any information about BT?
[Understanding and thinking about treatment after the first examination]
 - What did you think after you met the physician (who was supposed to give the BT injection) and received an explanation about the injection?
 • What were your hopes or expectations regarding the BT injection?