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Table 1 Postural and gait analysis

From: A low-cost vision system based on the analysis of motor features for recognition and severity rating of Parkinson’s Disease

Feature Acronym Domain Unit Selection
Stance Phase STp Temporal %  
Swing Phase SWp Temporal %  
Double Support Phase DSp Temporal % Case A,B
Stance Time STt Temporal sec  
Swing Time SWt Temporal sec  
Stride Time STDt Temporal sec Case B
Stride Cadence STDc Spatial #/min Case A
Stride Length STDl Spatial cm Case A,B
Step Length SPl Spatial cm  
Step Width SPw Spatial cm  
Stride Velocity STDv Spatial m/sec Case A
Swing Velocity SWv Spatial m/sec Case A
Trunk Flexion TFlex Angular degree Case A,B
Neck Flexion NFlex Angular degree Case A,B
Pisa Syndrome PS Angular degree Case A
Arm Swing ASrom Angular degree Case A,B
  1. Summary of the 16 Features and the Selected Features (9 features for the Case A and 6 features for the Case B) used by the Classification Algorithms