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Table 9 The closest elements in the EHR embedding spaces for fever and diabetes, d is cosine distance

From: Recent advances in Swedish and Spanish medical entity recognition in clinical texts using deep neural approaches

Swedish: feber feverdSpanish: fiebred
tempstegring rising temp..73febrícula low-grade fever.65
subfebrilitet inc. temperature.73fibre*.61
frossa shivering.72febricula*.59
feberkänsla feeling of fever.71escalofríos_y_fiebre chills_and_fever.56
halsont sore throat.67escalofrios chills.55
Swedish: diabetes Spanish: diabetes 
DM .83diabetes_mellitus.74
diabetiker diabetic.79DM .70
diabets*.79Dm .59
diabetets*.74diabético diabetic.52
  1. *denotes misspellings
  2. abbreviations