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Table 6 Resolution rates in control and intervention groups by clinical condition and specific reminders

From: Effectiveness of electronic point-of-care reminders versus monthly feedback to improve adherence to 10 clinical recommendations in primary care: a cluster randomized clinical trial

 Resolution (%)OR (95% CI)
Clinical conditionType of reminderTotalControl groupIntervention group
Type 2 diabetes mellitusScreen for diabetic retinopathy23.8820.0527.521.51 (1.46–1.57)
Measure glycated hemoglobin26.2325.3227.111.1 (1.07–1.13)
Heart failure/ischemic heart diseaseTreat with beta blocker14.6412.5816.611.38 (1.32–1.44)
Heart failureTreat with ACEI/ARB24.5321.5127.351.37 (1.27–1.48)
High blood pressureMeasure blood pressure30.192733.241.35 (1.33–1.36)
Hepatitis CHepatitis B vaccine5.594.996.21.26 (1.1–1.43)
Atrial fibrillationTreat with antiplatelet drug/anticoagulant31.4128.9733.761.25 (1.15–1.36)
Cerebrovascular accident/ischemic heart diseaseTreat with antiplatelet drug33.3230.7535.721.25 (1.18–1.32)
Measure LDL cholesterol27.1925.7128.631.16 (1.13–1.19)
SmokingEncourage smoking cessation12.0411.4212.661.12 (1.09–1.16)
  1. Abbreviations: ACEI Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, ARB Angiotensin II receptor blocker, LDL Low-density lipoprotein