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Table 5 Resolution of reminders by type of intervention

From: Effectiveness of electronic point-of-care reminders versus monthly feedback to improve adherence to 10 clinical recommendations in primary care: a cluster randomized clinical trial

 Reminders at baselineNot resolvedResolved% ResolvedIncrease (%)OR (95% CI)P-value
Control group469,514362,542106,97222.8 1 (Reference) 
Intervention488,811354,397134,41427.520.61.29 (1.25–1.34)<0.001
   Pop-up window164,006119,97244,03426.817.51.24 (1.17–1.30)<0.001
   Above + schedule icon154,945111,80243,14327.821.91.31 (1.24–1.38)<0.001
   Above + filter settings options169,860122,36147,49928.022.81.33 (1.27–1.40)<0.001