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Table 1 Clinical recommendations, conditions and type of reminder

From: Effectiveness of electronic point-of-care reminders versus monthly feedback to improve adherence to 10 clinical recommendations in primary care: a cluster randomized clinical trial

RecommendationClinical conditionType of reminder
Moderately important (orange icon)
 Measure blood pressure: ≤140/90 or ≤ 150/95 depending on risk statusHigh blood pressure/high cardiovascular riskMeasurement
 Measure glycated hemoglobin: HbA1c ≤8%Type 2 diabetes mellitusMeasurement
 Measure cholesterol: LDL <120Cerebrovascular accident/ischemic heart diseaseMeasurement
 Screen for diabetic retinopathyType 2 diabetes mellitusScreening
 Encourage smoking cessationSmokingLifestyle
 Provide Hepatitis B vaccination to patients with Hepatitis CHepatitis CVaccination
Very important (red icon)
 Treat with ACEI/ARBHeart failureTreatment
 Treat with beta blockersHeart failure/ischemic heart diseaseTreatment
 Treat with antiplatelet drug/anticoagulantAtrial fibrillationTreatment
 Treat with antiplatelet drugCerebrovascular accident/ischemic heart diseaseTreatment
  1. Abbreviations: ACEI Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, ARB Angiotensin II receptor blocker, LDL Low-density lipoprotein