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Table 3 Outcomes, instruments and assessment points in the PEGASO study

From: Promoting healthy teenage behaviour across three European countries through the use of a novel smartphone technology platform, PEGASO fit for future: study protocol of a quasi-experimental, controlled, multi-Centre trial

OutcomeInstrumentAssessment point
Dietary habitsMediterranean Diet Quality Index in children and adolescents (KIDMED questionnaire) + 5 additional questionsX  X
Physical activityPhysical Activity Questionnaire for Adolescents (PAQ-A) + 3 additional questionnairesX  X
Sedentary behaviourScreen time-based sedentary behavior questionnaire (SSBQ)X  X
Sleeping habitsSleep Habits Survey (SHS)X  X
Knowledge questionnaireAd hoc questionnaireX  X
Anthropometric Measurements X  X
HeightStadiometer SECA 213X  X
WCFlexible graduated measuring tape (SECA 201)X  X
WeightEngland, Catalonia, Italy: HomologatedX  X
BMIelectronic scale Tanita SC240MA    
% of body fatScotland: Tanita MC780MA MultiX  X
% of body waterFrequency Segmental Body Composition AnalyserX  X
Family affluence and self-reported health statusFamily Affluence Scale (FAS) + 1 question from the Social Functioning subscale −12 (SF-12)X   
MotivationPerceived Competence ScaleXXXX
UsabilitySystem Usability Scale  XX
Emotional Response to the PlatformEmotional Metric Outcome questionnaire  XX
Satisfaction, Trust, ReputationAd hoc questionnaire  XX
User ExperienceFocus Groups  XX
  1. In italics, outcomes assessd only in the intervention group. All the other outcomes were assessed in both, intervention and comparative group
  2. Additional questions: Research team included additional questions in order to better assess the target outcome in case no validated questionnaire were found
  3. Parent’s undertook an ad-hoc questionanire in order to assess sociodemographic characteristics, Socio Economic Status (SES) and Family structure and living conditions of the family
  4. WC Waist Circumference, BMI Body Mass Index
  5. BL Baseline, M2 Month 2, M4 Month 4, M6 Month6