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Table 2 Target behaviours of the PEGASO system and behavioural goals

From: Promoting healthy teenage behaviour across three European countries through the use of a novel smartphone technology platform, PEGASO fit for future: study protocol of a quasi-experimental, controlled, multi-Centre trial

Target behaviour Behavioural goals
Dietary target behaviours - Fruit consumption of ≥2 servings (250-375 g)/day
- Vegetable consumption of ≥2 servings (300-450 g)/day
- Reduced intake of sugar-sweetened beverages
- Daily breakfast consumption
- Reduced intake of fast food
- Reduced consumption of sweet and salty high-energy snack high-energy
Physical activity target behaviours - 60 min of daily physical activity of moderate-to-vigorous intensity (i.e. involving energy expenditure over 4 METs)
- Undertake 12.000 steps/day
- Daily active transport to and from school
Sedentary behaviour - less than 45% of after-school time daily spent in sedentary activities (≤1.5 METs)
Sleep behaviour -Daily sleep duration of at least 8 h
  1. METs Metabolic Equivalents