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Table 4 Structural Model; Hypothesis Testing Results

From: “Assessment of the social influence and facilitating conditions that support nurses’ adoption of hospital electronic information management systems (HEIMS) in Ghana using the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) model”

HypothesisParameterR2EstimateS. EC. RSignificanceResults
H1BI <--- SI0.38.55.0414.06***Accepted
H2UB < --- SI0.43.77.0711.76***Accepted
H3BI <--- FC0.***Accepted
H4UB < --- FC0.
H5UB < --- BI0.40.59.0610.22***Accepted
  1. NB: ***p-value < 0.001, S.E.- Standard Error, C.R. – Critical Ratio, SI – Social Influence, FC – Facilitating Conditions, BI – Behavioural Intention and UB – Use Behaviour. R2 – Square root of correlation coefficients of the intercepts