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Table 1 Demographic Characteristics of Respondents

From: “Assessment of the social influence and facilitating conditions that support nurses’ adoption of hospital electronic information management systems (HEIMS) in Ghana using the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) model”

ParameterFrequency(N = 660)Percentage (%)
1. Age of Respondents
 20–30 years34652.4
 31–40 years25138
 41–50 years639.6
2. Gender
3. Professional Experience
 0–5 years31748.03
 6–10 years16324.70
 11–15 years9213.94
 16–20 years7611.52
 21–25 years121.81
4. Type of Nurse
 Staff Nurse38658.4
 Nursing Officer20631.2
 Emergency Nurse588.8
 Critical Nurse50.8
 Pre-Operative Nurse50.8
5. Voluntariness
 Completely not voluntary17326.2
 Not Voluntary32849.7
 Somewhat not voluntary477.1
 Somewhat voluntary314.7
 Completely voluntary71.1
6. Type of HEIMS used
  1. NB: LHIMS – Lightwave Health Information Management Systems, HAMS – Hospital Administration Management Systems