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Table 1 Length of stay

From: Developing a standardised approach to the aggregation of inpatient episodes into person-based spells in all specialties and psychiatric specialties

  Method 1Method 2Method 3Method 4
Person spells: all specialtiesMean LOS4.
SD LOS18.217.317.318.4
Person spells: psychiatric specialtiesMean LOS48.546.745.848.6
SD LOS111.5107.5106.1113.1
Results from underlying episodes, so no method for aggregation applied
 Episodes: all specialtiesMean LOS3.0
SD LOS12.6
 Episodes: psychiatric specialtiesMean LOS35.5
SD LOS79.1
 Difference (days LOS) between episode and person spellAll specialties1.
psychiatric specialties13.111.310.313.2
 Difference (%) between episode and person spellAll specialties34.022.322.334.7
psychiatric specialties36.831.829.137.1