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Table 1 Medical concepts and their attributes

From: Applying a deep learning-based sequence labeling approach to detect attributes of medical concepts in clinical text

DisorderNegation, Severity, Body location, etc.Denied any [chest pain]Disorder.The disorder ‘chest pain’ has associated negation attribute “Denied” and body location attribute ‘chest’.
MedicationDosage, Frequency, Mode, etc.[insulin Lente]Medication 12 units subcu q p.m.The dosage attribute is ‘12 units’, the mode attribute is ‘subcu’ and the frequency attribute is ‘q p.m.’.
Lab TestLab value[blood pressure]LabTest 134/75
The ‘blood pressure’ has a numerical value ‘134/75’ and the ‘URINE BLOOD’ has a textual value ‘NEG’.