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Table 2 Annotation classes

From: Deep learning for pollen allergy surveillance from twitter in Australia

Class ID Description Example
Informative 1 Personal reporting including: symptoms (a), treatments (b) or both (c). ‘90% sure we have either developed hayfever. My eyes feel so dry and my nose is running whenever i go outside’ (a)
    ‘my hayfever better watch out today bc ate a spoonful of local honey AND took antihistamines’ (b)
    ‘Kings Cross triggered my hayfever today and now I can’t stop sneezing. I need a zyrtec’ (c)
  2 General personal reporting. ‘Hayfever suuucks’
Non-Informative 3 Public broadcasting including: marketing (a), news (b), warnings (c) etc. ‘Himalayan Inhaler to help with asthma & hayfever #himalayansalt #onlineshopping’ (a)
    ‘Scientists in Melbourne have made a breakthrough that could change the lives of asthma and hay fever sufferers’ (b)
    ‘Be careful Victorians: thunderstorm asthma warning. Stay safe. #hayfever #health #bom #weather’ (c)
  4 Unrelated/Ambiguous. ‘Very annoying. Could be a preservative or maybe hay fever.’