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Table 2 The problems identified by the users in usability testing

From: The relationship between user interface problems of an admission, discharge and transfer module and usability features: a usability testing method

Number Problem Number of users expressing the problem Task number
1 The format of some components of the user interface, such as the icons, is ambiguous and the signs do not imply their function. 5 All tasks
2 Performing some tasks through different parts of the system is problematic for the user (such as generating statistical reports). 4 3, 4
3 The menus automatically hide on the side of the page, making user access to them difficult. 4 All tasks
4 Some icons are disabled while they have to be enabled. 4 5
5 The heading to filter the reports is not detectable by the users 3 6
6 The data of each section is not mentioned in its subsets in a cohesive manner. 3 4
7 The items do not have clear and proper labels. 3 3, 4
8 Some buttons are not visible for the users. 2 7
9 The diagnostic report generation heading is separate from the diagnostic code recording site, which confuses the users when taking reports. 2 6
10 There are no instructions to perform a step when needed by the user. 2 All tasks
11 The small font is problematic for the users when selecting the type of diagnosis. 2 5
12 Alerts for not recorded data that must have been recorded are presented late. 1 3, 4, 5
13 To record the data, it has to be typed or its code be remembered, with no possibility of choosing between some options. 1 1, 3, 4, 5