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Table 10 Highest and lowest points in several allocation algorithms

From: Identification and weighting of kidney allocation criteria: a novel multi-expert fuzzy method

Country (Algorithm) Highest point Lowest point Source
Euro-transplant (ETKAS) High Urgency, simultaneous liver-kidney transplant, a prior living donor (500 points) Waiting time, 5 HLA mismatches, Recipient age 11–16 years (33.3 points) [55]
Australia Zero HLA mismatches and peak PRA > 50% (60,000,000 points) Waiting time (1200 points) [52]
New Zealand DR HLA mismatches (2200 point in Rank 1, 300 points in Rank 2) Waiting time (12 points in Rank 1, 36 points in Rank 2) [52]
Turkey (TONKS) Zero HLA mismatches (7 points) 3 HLA mismatches (0 points) [12]
Proposed model Medical Urgency (global weight = 0.1782) 5 HLA mismatches (global weight = 0.0046)  
  1. US kidney allocation system (KAS) was not included since it is not based strictly on a points system, but rather is a classification-driven system with points playing a secondary role. In KAS, patients are first ordered by classification, and points are only used to further sort patients within classification. KAS awards very high priority for zero HLA mismatch, highly sensitized patients (CPRA 98–100%), prior living donors, and pediatric patients [54]