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Table 5 Time to First Insight

From: Health timeline: an insight-based study of a timeline visualization of clinical data

Insight Value Baseline Health Timeline Ratio p-values
Any μ=7 μ=13.16 1.88 <0.01
  σ=±10.02 σ=±14.24   
>1 μ=20.36 μ=22.24 1.09 0.17
  σ=±16.66 σ=±18.48   
>2 μ=40.01 μ=51.21 1.28 <0.01
  σ=±29.96 σ=±45.98   
>3 μ=92.83 μ=68.44 0.74 <0.01
  σ=±51.27 σ=±59.88   
>4 μ=0 μ=63.50 <0.01
  σ=0 σ=±60.06   
  1. The table shows the mean and standard deviation of the time to first insight from any value to values 1 to 5. The ratio column shows the observations of the Health Timeline divided by the baseline. The p-values are obtained using Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test