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Table 2 Metrics per Assessment

From: Health timeline: an insight-based study of a timeline visualization of clinical data

Metric Baseline Health Timeline p-values
Number of insights min=6 min=5 0.70
  max=42 max=42  
  μ=23.04 μ=22.32  
  Md=23 Md=21  
  σ=±10.43 σ=±9.12  
Cumultive value min=8 min=10 0.01
  max=45 max=56  
  μ=24.96 μ=34.68  
  Md=24 Md=38  
  σ=±10.96 σ=±11.87  
Mean value min=0.21 min=0.78 0.01
  max=2.17 max=2.71  
  μ=1.26 μ=1.70  
  Md=1.21 Md=1.60  
  σ=±0.52 σ=±0.57  
  1. The table shows the insights generated by participants using Health Timeline and the visualization baseline per assessment. Statistical significance is shown in the p column using Mann-Whitney U tests