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Fig. 3

From: Personalised profiling to identify clinically relevant changes in tremor due to multiple sclerosis

Fig. 3

Left panel: Squared Spearman’s rank correlation coefficients comparing tremor amplitude metrics against FTMTRS C (self-assessed impact of tremor). The parameter N applies only to joint movement, hence all other metrics are represented by horizontal lines. All correlations in this panel are statistically significant. The legend applies to both panels, although the ’change in scale’ metrics (see Eqs. 3 and 5) feature only in the right panel. Right panel: As in the left panel, but comparing the tremor amplitude change metrics, controlling for intrinsic variability (see Eq. 7) against the change in FTMTRS C. denotes statistical significance at pFDR<0.05. denotes that the result does not survive false discovery rate control, i.e. p<0.05 and pFDR≥0.05

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