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Table 3 The original text of selected samples

From: Detection of medical text semantic similarity based on convolutional neural network

Sample pair No. Imaging report content (Chinese) Imaging report content (English) Pathologic report content (Chinese) Pathologic report content (English)
1 宫内见1个胎儿, 胎位头位, 胎方位LOP。双顶径81, 枕额径101, 腹前后径92, 腹左右径83, 股骨长60, 肱骨长52。胎心胎动见, 胎心133次/分, 胎心律齐。胎盘位于后壁, 厚度35, 分级II, 胎盘下缘距宫颈内口> 54。羊水指数31 + 31 + 36 + 39。胎儿脐血流指数:PI = 0.93, RI = 0.63, S/D = 2.71
单胎头位。胎儿迟发畸形的检查受多因素影响, 超声无法检出所有胎儿异常。此检查仅限于胎儿生长监测。
One fetus can be observed in the uterus. The position of the fetus is cephalic position, the orientation is LOP, the biparietal diameter is 81, the occipitofrontal diameter is 101, the anteroposterior trunk diameter is 92, the transverse trunk diameter is 83, the femur length is 60, the humeral length is 52. Fetal heart rate and fetal movement can be observed. The fetal heart rate us 133 beats per minute and the heart rhythm is regular. The placenta is located in the posterior wall. The thickness of the placenta is 35, grade II. The distance between the placental margin and the internal cervical os is > 54. The Amniotic fluid index is 31 + 31 + 36 + 39. Fetal umbilical artery plow index: PI = 0.93, RI = 0.63, S/D = 2.71.
Singleton and cephalic presentation. The examination of fetal delayed malformation is affected by many factors, and ultrasound cannot detect all fetal abnormalities. This examination is limited to fetal growth monitoring.
胎盘组织重600g, 大小21*17*3 cm, 胎膜完整, 切面灰红色, 母面小叶完整, 子面光滑, 相连脐带长35cm, 直径1.2 cm, 血管三根。(胎盘)孕晚期胎盘一个, 绒毛发育良好, 脐带及胎膜未见明显异常。 The weight of placental tissue is 600 g, the size is 21 × 17 × 3 cm, the fetal mem-brane is intact, the cut sur-face is gray-red, the lobules of maternal surface are intact, and the daughter surface is smooth. The length of the umbilical cord is 35 cm, the diameter is 1.2 cm, and three blood vessels can be observed. (Placenta) favor a diagnosis of previa of late pregnancy, the villi are well-developed, and no obvious lesion is observed in umbilical cord and fetal membrane.
2 甲状腺大小正常, 包膜清晰完整, 内部回声分布均匀, CDFI:腺体内部血流信号未见明显异常。甲状腺右叶内可见数个低回声区, 大者大小23.5*13.2 mm, 形态规则, 边界清晰, 内部回声不均匀。 The size of thyroid gland is normal, the capsule is clear and intact, and the echogenicity is homogeneous. CDFI: There is no obvious abnormality of blood flow signal in the gland. There are several hypoechoic areas in the right lobe of the thyroid. The size of the lesion is 23.5 × 13.2 mm, the shape is regular, the boundary is clear, and the echogenicity is inhomogeneous. 甲状腺组织, 大小4.5*2.5*1.5 cm, 切面见结节两枚, 直径1-2 cm, 灰红色, 质软。(甲状腺右叶)结节性甲状腺肿伴滤泡性腺瘤形成。 The specimen for pathological examination contains one thyroid tissue. The size of the tissue is 4.5 × 2.5 × 1.5 cm. Two thyroid nodules can be observed from the cut surface. The diameter of the nodules is 1 to 2 cm, the color are grey red, the texture is soft. (The right lobe of the thyroid) favor a diagnosis of nodular goiter combined with follicular adenoma.