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Table 1 A report-pair in this study

From: Detection of medical text semantic similarity based on convolutional neural network

Language Imaging report content Pathologic report content
English The solid hypoechoic area of the subcutaneous tissues of maxillofacial region is 14.6 mm × 10.4 mm and covered with a capsule. The boundary is clear and the shape is regular. The specimen for pathological examination contains one mass. The size of mass is 1.2 × 1 × 1 cm, the color is gray red and the capsule is complete. (Parotid gland) favor a diagnosis of pleomorphic adenoma. The lesion contains abundant cells without a clear limit out of the surrounding tissue.
Chinese 颌面部所指处皮下见实质性低回声区14.6 mm × 10.4 mm, 边界清, 有包膜, 形态规则。 肿块一枚, 大小1.2*1*1 cm, 灰红色, 包膜完整。(腮腺)多形性腺瘤, 细胞丰富, 与周围组织分界不清。